Save Money - Trade

Direct Trade or Trade Network Options

Trade With Us Directly

If you want to save some of your hard-earned cash and have a skill or building materials etc. - we may be able to work with you on a trade for our photography (or wedding chapel) services.  Contact me and we can discuss what would be mutually beneficial so you can get the professional quality photography you need and we can get items for our wedding chapel or photography studio etc.

Trade Network

We are also members of the Trade Network which works a little different but is a great organization to participate in.  We have gained so many new clients simply because they are Trade Network members and they sought us out for that reason.

The main difference between direct trade or barter is that with Trade Network it is not a direct trade.  If you do a service for a Trade Network client you are credited in "trade dollars".  No cash except sales tax and TN's commission.   Then when ready you can shop on the website for what you need and use those dollars to purchase whatever you want.   There are a ton of great business's on the site - so you can almost always find what you are looking for. As an example - I do portraits each year for a number of clients who are part of Trade Network.  Then I use my trade dollars to get the services I need - not necessarily from the clients whom I photographed.  If interested please go to their website: and when you speak with them please let them know Chris Holmes of Holmes Photography and the Bridge St. Wedding Chapel sent you.  Another perk is they pay you if you refer customers.  

Holmes Photography Studio specializes in wedding photography, senior portrait photography, family portrait photography and event photography. They also cater to corporate photography needs and business photography events.